Hidden amongst the dark recesses of any megacity street, you can find them... if you know the right person, where to meet, and what to ask that is. When you need a target executed quietly, without evidence, witness or remorse, you need... The Assassin Agent.

From within the shadows, the Assassin Agent watches, silently waiting for the moment to strike. Whether quietly taking out a target with a silenced sniper rifle, or making a splash with a portable rail-gun, the Assassin Agent won’t be needing to line-up a second shot. Equally proficient with close range combat, with Katana on hand, they’ll make short work of any Corporate Soldier who strays too far from the nest. With an array of remote detonation charges, tripwires, and even a little bit of hacking prowess, they can wreak havoc behind the walls of any Corporate facility while simultaneously heading off any counter offensive before the enemy even has a chance to react.

The Assassin’s tools of the trade are stealth and speed. Equipped with high-end stealth capabilities, the Assassin can blend seamless into any surrounding. Invisible, they quietly move into position behind enemy lines, ready to pounce. For those who prefer a more visible approach, fully augmented legs allow the Assassin to use the dash ability to close the gap between themselves and their prey in no time.

The Assassin Agent is your go-to mercenary for when you need something done quickly, quietly and without leaving any witnesses. Dead men tell no tales.

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