There comes a time where negotiations fail, when propaganda falls on deaf ears and when covert tactics are ineffective. At that time, when you just need something blown up, shot up or broken up, you need your heavy hitter, your front line, your grunt... you need the Soldier Agent.

Just point the Soldier at who or what you need annihilated and watch the chaos ensue. Mini-guns, tactical nuke launchers, grenades, armour piercing rifles and plasma shotguns are but a small taste of the banquet of death the Soldier has on offer. Just make sure your Soldier is heavily armoured before sending them into battle, if they’re going to be your front line you’ll want them to be able to take a pounding as well as dish one out. The Soldier Agents will play along if you want to sneak quietly in the back door in a covert operation, equipped with a more stealthy assortment of weaponry they’ll certainly play the part, but they’re not going to like it and they’ll be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to make something big turn into lots of smaller pieces.

Where the Soldier Agent really shines however is in their unique abilities. The Heavy Hitter ability gives them a temporary increase in accuracy and rate of fire but at a reduced movement speed, which massively multiplies the damage they can cause in one area. However, not all of their abilities are used for their own benefit. The Intimidation ability suppresses nearby enemies into cover, allowing your other agents to flank them. This ability also comes in handy when negotiating costs of weaponry on the black market or for bribing people for information or access codes to restricted networks.

Whether you prefer to use them as your bulldog on a leash, intimidating the enemy and citizens into submission, or unleashing the wild animal to do what they love best, making things go boom, the Soldier Agent is one piece of your arsenal you can’t live without.