The Support is the Agent who’s always got your back, there to cover your arse when you’re backed into a corner and ready to stand up for you when no one else will, the Good Guy Greg of the team, the Support Agent.

Whether decked out for full frontal assault, heavily armoured with a mini-gun and extra ammo for personal use or your team-mates, defensively loaded with extra armour and a backpack than can be deployed and transform into a 4 legged mech (think Boston Dynamics “Big Dog”) that you can move into position as mobile cover from enemy fire or used as the man behind the scenes, deploying surveillance drones to increase the line of sight for team-mates and knocking out turrets from afar with a focused EMP laser, the Support is the glue that holds the team together.

Your Support Agent will have a wide range of weapons, equipment and abilities at your disposal. The Systematic Execution ability lets you target enemies from afar, allowing your other agents to inflict massively multiplied damage. Nanite Regeneration Cloud equipment can be deployed when the chips are down, healing any nearby team-mates above and beyond their regular health levels.

The Support Agent is the Swiss Army Knife of your team, always on hand and by your side, ready to get you out of a tight fix with a variety of tools.

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